May 28, 2024

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The Future of Jackpots Innovations and Trends to Watch Out For

If you’re looking to increase player engagement and drive lifetime value, jackpots are an excellent way to do it. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing jackpot slots.

For example, you need to seed the jackpot correctly. If you seed it too low, players will avoid the game.

Wide-Area Progressive (WAP) Slots

For those seeking the thrill of a life-changing jackpot, Wide-Area Progressive slots offer an opportunity to scale up to unprecedented levels by pooling bets across a network of casinos. These jackpots are often managed by the slot manufacturers and operate similarly to multistate lottery pools.

IGT’s omnichannel WAP jackpot system is already having a profound impact in the New Jersey gaming market. It has heightened player engagement, and has been responsible for bringing in a significant number of new players to casino floors.

Scientific Games has also made its mark in this space with its branded progressives, like the recently launched Jin Ji Bao Xi and their upcoming Concerto Crescent community multi-station progressive that utilizes a mechanical bonusing ring. They also offer a range of standalone progressives including mystery, must-hit and online. Each is custom-designed to align with specific game themes and can be integrated into a broader range of premium products. This allows casinos to deliver exciting floor-wide jackpots from a variety of machines.

Personalized Jackpots

Personal jackpots adapt to players’ preferences, budgets, betting levels and playing styles. By enhancing the jackpot experience, they drive higher engagement and loyalty.

By generously seeding their jackpots, operators can gain a lot of traction from the get-go. However, their ongoing contributions are what really boosts the jackpot’s growth and enables them to reach life-changing amounts.

By implementing advanced gamification, operators can leverage the full potential of personalising jackpots to differentiate themselves from competitors and forge long-lasting connections with their players. For instance, iGaming software provider Wazdan recently launched JackpotEngine which enables operators to add a jackpot layer to their games, across platforms and devices, creating engaging experiences for players. This includes personalised jackpots, community jackpots and time-limited jackpots which can be set to expire within specific timeframes. The system also enables them to create company-level jackpots which enable companies with multiple brands to further differentiate their jackpot offerings. In addition, players can monitor their accumulated contribution through a dedicated dashboard in their account section and in-game.

Virtual Reality (VR) Jackpots

Virtual Reality is one of the most promising technologies for innovation and growth. It has the potential to revolutionize various industries in the future, from education and entertainment to healthcare and real estate. It also has the potential to reshape our daily lives, for instance, by taking us on immersive trips around the world without ever leaving our homes.

In the gambling industry, VR is bringing a new level of experience to players. For example, the popular casino software provider NetEnt has already adapted some of its games to be played with VR. The result is an ultra-realistic gaming environment that will be a game-changer for slots fans.

In addition to gambling, virtual reality is transforming other sectors such as education, travel, and marketing. This is mainly because it offers a more engaging and interactive learning experience for students. For instance, it allows them to be transported to different epochs or even planets, which helps to make history, geography, and science lessons come alive for students.

Game-Based Jackpots

In a world where players expect personalised interactions with brands, jackpots offer the potential to differentiate from competitors and forge meaningful connections with their audiences. By leveraging advanced gamification tools and catering to players’ expectations, operators can deliver jackpots that are engaging, multi-layered and truly rewarding.

Conventional progressive jackpots that create large prizes continue to be in high demand across Europe. They are a proven way for operators to increase brand visibility, drive player acquisition, encourage customer retention and boost player lifetime value.

Personalised jackpots adapt to players’ preferences, budgets and betting levels – empowering operators to create unique branded campaigns that manage key brand indicators. SOFTSWISS’ new Time-based jackpot product allows operators to set a maximum duration for a jackpot, which they can use alongside other promotions to increase engagement and boost growth. This enables them to attract new categories of players, while maintaining the same level of jackpot activity.