May 28, 2024

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David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

BC.GAME Welcomes David Luiz Aboard as the New Brand Ambassador

David Luiz, the prominent Flamengo football player of Brazil, has now officially become BC.GAME‘s new brand ambassador. In collaboration with BC.GAME, he is open to social media activities as well as streaming on Twitch for both sports bettors and fans. The news has now spread all over Brazil and the global market for casinos and crypto.

David Luiz’s Efforts for the Collaboration

Crypto casino is expected to gain more exposure now that David Luiz has joined the community. As a new brand ambassador and a professional football player, he will become the best communication line in the Brazilian sports community and crypto casino. Apart from fans, every sports bettor will love to see how David Luiz will share his effort in the collaboration.

Aside from his social media profiles, David Luiz will interact from the streaming application Twitch. There, he will support BC.GAME while connecting to sports and casino communities. Exciting, isn’t it?

Why David Luiz is the Best Ambassador for BC.GAME

Brazil, which has the leading and largest sports community, is now open to crypto casinos, which is probably the best news for sports bettors and BC.GAME as well. This means larger audiences, expanded event scope, and more participants to join the fun of sports betting competitions. As David Luiz is prominent globally, especially in Brazil, he could be one of the best ambassadors of BC.GAME to help in bringing communities together.

About David Luiz

David Luiz is among Brazil’s top football players who play for the professional football team Flamengo. He is not only a reputable defense in the mid-field but also an intimidating center-back. He has over a decade of football experience and has an unrivaled passion for sports. Currently, he is interested in crypto casinos which made him become BC.GAME’s brand ambassador.


BC.GAME is a rising community for the crypto casino which supports Bitcoin Lightning Network. The platform has successfully launched events and has gained popularity among sports bettors and the crypto market for its innovative features and authorized license. BC.GAME, together with David Luiz, is a powerful duo that will dominate the search bars again.