May 28, 2024

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Antique Roulette Wheel

A 32 inch antique roulette wheel, of casino quality, is an excellent investment piece. The wheel, crafted from wood and copper, dates to the early 1900s. Although in used condition, the wheel will be packed carefully and shipped via registered mail. It would have originally sat on a base. The wheel was originally manufactured by the Merle & Heaney Mfg. Co. in Chicago. Here’s an example of a reproduction of one of these wheels.

This working roulette wheel is perfect for an in-home casino, or a bit of side money from your neighbors. It features a large American roulette wheel that is in exceptional condition. The wheel mechanism offers smooth spinning action and is made of rosewood, ebony, or satin wood. A carved gilt wood surround is also included. The red and black numbers on the wheel are numbered one to 36, with a special ‘free spin’ slot. The wheel has a history that dates back to the 1800s.

The head cone insert in this antique roulette wheel is composed of multi-piece cores covered in veneer. Though it had been dropped, the wheel remains fairly solid. The damage to the roulette ball was minimal and was confined to the brass ring fused to the outside of the assembly. The worst damaged numbers were #34 and 22. The rest of the wheel is in good shape and is largely in original condition. If you’re looking to make a realistic replica of an antique roulette wheel, this is the perfect tool for you.